Our History, since 1964

Verdecchia s.r.l. began its adventure in 1964 as a small workshop in Monte San Giusto, an important manufacturing centre for international footwear. After starting out as a small workshop making handcrafted footwear, the company soon needed to deal with significant, growing customer demand, to the extent that the premises needed to be expanded.

It was no coincidence that in 1983, Verdecchia s.r.l. obtained a patent, issued by the Ministry for Health, to manufacture orthopaedic footwear to solve all types of possible foot problem.

The third generation of Verdecchias has renewed its commitment to customers, continuing to create quality products in line with the very best of Italian manufacturing traditions.


Anatomical research and interest in production of all kinds

Special attention to developments in the market and to the use of cutting-edge materials of the highest quality, for footwear that is among the very best of its category.

The many supply contracts – past and present – with some of Italy’s most respected national brands, with a strong impact on the market in terms of image.